Friday, 22 November 2013

Kicking Goals

It's only been two weeks since I set myself four goals and I have already nailed one! Yahoo! I have to admit it was probably the easiest of my four goals, but still, I'm pretty happy with myself. Goal number three was to wear more scarves in my hair and I've been killing it!

I have many beautiful scarves in all patterns and colours, that decorate my specially made (thanks boyfriend) scarf rack, but I hardly ever wear them. In the last few weeks I have challenged myself and worn a scarf in my hair pretty much every second day. It's been so fun! I have got many comments about my new obsession with hair scarves, most have been good although one man at my work said I looked like his 6 year old daughter (hmm not sure if that's good or bad?). I think scarves are an accessory that often get forgotten, but I've loved finding new ways to incorporate them in to my outfits.  

The other brilliant thing about scarves is that they are SO EASY to find in op shops. Every single op shop has a specific scarf section and they are always priced around $2 (regardless of the fabric, hello silk!), so it's really easy to build up a little collection of different patterns and colours quickly. 

Aside from this outfit and this one, which I've already put on the blog, I've been taking iPhone selfies every time I've worn a scarf in my hair. I've pretty much stuck to the same style, folding the scarf up and tying it in a bow or knot, in line with my hair part. I'd like to try wearing a scarf in a turban style as well, I've just got to work up to courage to do so! 

Sorry about the limited outfit pictures, my $14 ebay tripod broke (it lasted 3 months), so while I wait for my new fancy one to arrive I've been trying to make do balancing my big camera on tables, the BBQ and various pot plants on my balcony. My lack of pictures isn't the end of the world because you've already seen this outfit here, I've just lost the jacket, added an awesome polka dot scarf and swapped my transparent brogues for transparent sandals! 

Hooray for kicking goals!

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