Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I bought culottes... yes I know, it was a questionable buy, I'm still not 100% sure about them. I saw a picture of Nicole Warne (of Gary Pepper fame) wearing some and I thought, YES, the one thing missing from my wardrobe is giant calf length shorts. Hmmmm. 

I got these from Asos for $15, I love the print, if this was a skirt instead of pants then I think they would be on very high rotation, as it is I've worn this exact outfit twice. The first time was to visit my best friend (I knew she wouldn't judge me) and the second time was to work. I received good comments both times, so I'm starting to feel more confident about them. 

Ordinarily my wardrobe rule of thumb is simple: If I'm not 100% confident the first time I wear an item of clothing then I donate it back. I just have too many beautiful things in my wardrobe to hold on to something I'm half hearted about. But these culottes are SO COMFORTABLE. Seriously, I feel like I could run a marathon or climb a mountain in these things, so I'm giving them a few more turns around the block before I make my final decision. 

My pink top is op shopped, my sandals are Melissa (also from Asos on sale, I think they were about $25), my sunglasses are Prada and my hair scarf is vintage. I'm still on the hair scarf band waggon! I love it! This huge bow is fairly over the top, but it matches my shirt perfectly and I figure if I'm wearing gigantic clown pants I may as well go all out and whack on a massive bow as well.  

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