Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spooky Thursday

Happy Halloween!! Halloween is a weird day here in Australia. It's not counted as a holiday, so we don't get a day off for it and people don't really celebrate it that much. When I was a kid my mum was particularly against my brother and I doing anything for Halloween because it was so 'American'. All that being said, I love any excuse to dress up and over the years I have grown to love this spooky, freaky day.

Because we don't get a day off, I had to think of something fairly 'work friendly' to wear that was still in the spirit of Halloween. My standard go-to costume is a fantastic backless leopard print leotard I bought at an op-shop years ago, not particularly office appropriate! I figured I'd just go down the 'goth' route and wear all my black lace stuff and do some cool makeup. So this is the result!

My skirt is an old Sportscraft one that I op shopped few seasons ago for $5, I hemmed the lining so you could see more of the lace pattern. I love this skirt but don't tend to wear it that much, it's very dramatic and I don't have many occasions that call for a dramatic skirt. I picked up the lace shirt at an op shop at the beginning of winter, I haven't worn it once, so I think it will be going in to the pile of things destined for my next clothes swap. 

I absolutely love dressing up and standing out but I have to admit that as I was going about my work routine (post office, banking, coffee run etc) I felt a bit awkward about my outfit and could feel people staring at me. You definitely need to be 100% confident if you want to rock this look. I'm not sure I quite pulled it off but for Halloween it was fun to try something different. I do actually love the dark lip, I might have to invest in a proper dark red or purple lipstick (today I'm cheating and just wearing black eyeliner with red lipstick over the top). 

My necklace was gifted to me from my Aunt's jewellery box and my hair flowers are assorted clips I've collected over the years. The shoes are op shopped flat forms, but I actually changed in to regular ballet flats after looking at the pictures, instead of looking like cool edgy shoes (what I was going for) they just look a bit like orthopaedic chemist shoes. Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a suitably spooky day!

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