Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hello Summer!

Hello Summer! The weather was 28 degrees on Thursday and I celebrated by wearing a super summery outfit to work. That's what the change of seasons is all about right? Digging out your warm weather clothes and discovering things you forgot you owned. That's what I look forward to anyway, that and long warm summer nights, wearing sandals, eating fish and chips at the beach. So much to look forward in the next few blissful months as the weather heats up!

Over the winter I have still been buying summery stuff from op shops, I just can't help myself! I have a few bits and pieces that I am just hanging out to wear (including an amazing vintage swim suit). I bought this skirt all the way back in April from Good Sammies for $6, it has been sitting in my wardrobe waiting for the weather to warm up so I could wear it. Thursday was the first hot day we have had in months and I was SO excited to throw it on. The print is kind of an abstract beach scene with palm trees, how appropriate!

When I was pulling this skirt out to wear, I noticed that my collection of skirts has really grown over the last year. I used to be a committed dress wearer and never really wore anything else. But I have fallen in love with skirts recently. I'm still not a great lover of pants because of my large bum and thighs, but skirts, particularly a-line and full circle styles, are so flattering and easy to wear, plus they are great transitional pieces because you can pair them with any kind of top depending on the temperature.

I only have skirts that sit on my waist because they are the most flattering for my body shape, plus the most comfortable! This little $2 top is perfect to wear with a high waisted skirt, it sits just at the right spot. I decided to tie the front instead of tucking it in for this outfit, I think the tie makes it look even more summery and casual. My flower brooch is hand made fimo by me and my sandals were $5 from a flea market. I'm excited for more warm days so I can continue to wear all my lovely summer skirts (and shorts and dresses and swimsuits!).

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