Friday, 18 October 2013

Normal Girl Dress

This dress is what I refer to as my 'normal girl dress'. It's op shopped ($4, Salvos), but it's the Big W home brand, so it's nothing snazzy. It's a nice shape, light fabric, easy pattern to wear and I know so many girls who would look good in it.

When I start talking to people about op shopping (which I almost always do because it's my favourite hobby!), more often then not they will tell me they can't pull off vintage. Which is ridiculous, because all you need to 'pull off' vintage clothing is a body and a smile. But never the less I get their point. Some people just want to dress normally. 

My style is pretty eclectic and out there, so I love finding wild and wacky things on my op shop treasure hunts. For all the crazy patterned pants, bejewelled blouses and printed dresses I find, I see SO MANY normal clothes. I'm talking Country Road, Sportsgirl, Witchery, op shops are littered with chain store goodies. I tend to skip strait past these things when I see them on the rack, but I know so many of my friends would snap them up in an instant.  Why pay $100 for a pair of Country Road pants when you can get them for $5?

What I'm trying to say is that you can be a totally normal conservative strait laced kind of gal and still find everything you need (clothing wise) in an op shop. Plain white shirt? Check! Black pencil skirt? Check! Striped cardigan? Check! Regardless of your personal style, you'll be able to find a lot of what you want in second hand stores, you just need to give it a chance! 

Because I hate to look ordinary I 'un-normalised' my $4 dress with an awesome faux fur trimmed coat (bought from Anglicare in Belmont for $6 as a gift from my cousin) and my red felt hat. My shoes are new additions, they are Messeca and are so comfortable! I got them for a steal from Urban Outfitters online. My rings are both super old and I can't remember where they came from. Happy Friday!

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