Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wooly Wednesday

The style prompt for today is wool, which is a fantastic material and something I am always on the lookout for when I go op shopping. Because wool is such a high quality fabric you can normally find really great second hand wool clothes, they just last forever!

When I go op shopping I always look at the label on clothes to see what the fabric is, if something is 100% wool or silk or cotton, I am so much more inclined to take it home. Don't get me wrong, I own A LOT of cheap and cheerful polyester blend dresses, but wearing something made from natural fibres just feels so nice sometimes. 

I bought this vintage wool dress from the Melville markets at the beginning of the year. It cost me $15 which is more than I would usually spend on second hand gear, but I wanted it specifically because it had long sleeves and was made of wool so I knew it would be warm. I took it with me Europe in February and layered it up with thermals, stockings and boots. It kept me fashionably cozy in Paris when it was minus 10 degrees and today in Perth it was 20 degrees and I wore it comfortably to work. Got to love a versatile number like that!

I'm wearing my lovely vintage dress with op shopped bag, shoes and hat (also 100% wool!). My socks are from Target.

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