Sunday, 25 August 2013

All Tied Up

I didn't feel like getting dressed up today, it's Sunday, I've got dirty hair and bad skin. But I'm determined to finish this Restyle challenge! So here I am, make up on, hair done, wearing clothes, good work Hannah! To entice me in to dressing up I thought I would put on one of my favourite dresses. The style prompt for today is bows, and luckily, this dress has one!

I've noticed that almost every outfit I post about I say that it's my favourite. My favourite dress, my favourite hat, my favourite skirt. I love everything! At first I thought this was a bad thing as I shouldn't be so flippant with labelling things my favourite. But now I think it's a great thing. I love everything in my wardrobe and I regularly cull the items I'm not crazy about any more. It's great that at any one time I am wearing something that I genuinely think is amazing and in turn makes me feel awesome. So this yellow dress is my favourite!

Both my lovely dress and red leather sandals came from the Melville markets, I bought them for $5 each from the same stall. How lucky is that? I adore the bright colour of the dress and the big spots, it was the ultimate Sunday morning find (not this Sunday morning though). The bow tie on the neck line is just the icing on the yellow spotty cake.  

My black belt has been featured quite a bit on the blog already, it's op shopped too. To disguise my dirty hair I put it in to Heidi braids. I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to washing my hair (I just have so much of it, it takes too long!), so I've come up with many ingenious hair styles which let me get away with another day of not-so-clean hair. Heidi braids are currently in high rotation because they are so easy to do and I think they look pretty great.

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