Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mid-Week Cocktails Anyone?

So this was a fun test! The Restyle prompt for today is cocktail... an interesting challenge for a Tuesday in the office. I have a couple of great cocktail dresses, all op shopped of course, but I struggled to style them in a way that would be appropriate for swanning around the office all day (sans martini).

This is the cocktail/work appropriate outfit I came up with. This skirt is full circle and crushed silk, it looks like a home made job, but it's made really well with lining and everything. I LOVE the colour of it (I think I've got a slight obsession with pink at the moment). I bought it at an op shop about a year a go and I have got so much wear out of it. 

The skirt is such a bright colour that I thought I better tone it down with a black top. This button up peplum top is pretty great. I bought it at an op shop in Queensland about 5 years ago (before peplums were cool, do I have a good eye or what?! hehe!) and I don't wear it often enough. It's made out of a satin-y material so it looks quite fancy and cocktail appropriate, but the conservative neckline means that I can get away with wearing it to work.

To break up the black I popped on my rhino brooch from Erstwild Designs, they have the cutest animal themed jewellery! My Seed leopard print flats stop everything from being too matchy (or so I hope). I would totally wear this out for cocktails! I might just swap my flats for heels, but other than that it's a perfect outfit to wear from the office to the bar. 

Looking at this pictures, my skirt looks really bright, I think I might have hit the neon mark with this outfit. How exciting! 

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