Sunday, 4 August 2013

Spots and Stripes and Flowers Oh My!

I've said before that I am constantly drawn to big bold colourful patterns. My wardrobe is full of spots, stripes, flowers, geometric, any pattern you can think of, chances are I've got it. I often struggle with having enough solid coloured items to wear with my crazy printed skirts and tops. Well today's style prompt was mixing patterns, and I think this might be the answer to my wardrobe woes.

I bought this skirt at a thrift store in San Fransisco, it was $8 I think. The same thrift store had about 50 other skirts equally as amazing and equally as cheap. My brother had to drag me out of the store because I would have literally bought every single one and filled my suitcase (and his) with cute 60's mini skirts. 

The easiest way to wear two patterns, without looking like a crazy person, is to stick to the same colour scheme. I decided to pair this black and white spotty blouse with my awesome mini skirt because they both have white spots. I did a lot of running around this morning sorting out car stuff (how fun!), so I swapped my black ballet flats (which is what I would usually wear with this type of outfit) for converse. Definitely more practical for today's errands.

This blouse is another of my favourites, it's sheer and it has a little tie waist. I bought it a few years ago at an op shop in Queensland. When I wear it on the weekends, like today, I leave the tie out and and just wear a black bra underneath. The spots are pretty dense so it isn't too see-through. If I'm going to work I just put a cami on underneath and tuck the tie in so it looks more professional. 

Mixing prints was fun! I think I am going to try it more often.

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