Monday, 29 June 2015

Bad Girl

You know how some outfits are just really fun to wear? Well this was one of them. Ridiculous maybe, with my thigh high boots and Bad Girl bag, but fun none the less. You might be surprised to know that I'm not really an exuberant person in real life. My clothes make me stand out rather inadvertently, which I love and while I can easily make small talk with almost any one (it's actually my job) I am certainly never the loudest/craziest/funnest person in the room. 

Confidence and feeling sure of your self are traits that come easily to some, but others have to work so hard at it. I think I sit somewhere in the middle. I certainly don't care what people think about me enough to alter the way I dress, but I do always want to make a good impression and have people like me. It's not uncommon to find myself talking to someone and feeling way out of my depth, like I have nothing of value to add to the conversation. I'm also the type of person who will replay that convo over and over again in my mind, coming up with witty retorts and hilarious comments that I wish I had thought of at the time. 

What does this rambling have to do with my outfit? Well I guess I use my personal style as a bit of a weapon, reasoning that if I can't think of anything memorable/intellectual/entertaining to say at least people will remember my sweet Bad Girl bag!

Skirt: Good Sammies Freo $5
Top: Save the Children Subiaco $4
Belt: St Lukes op shop $3
Bag: Vinnies Claremont $5
Boots: Wittner
Sunglasses: RayBan

PS Now I'm looking at these photos it's really bugging me that the silver buttons on my skirt clash with my gold accessories... grrrrr

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