Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hats are for Hiding

I was scanning through some of my previous blog posts the other day and realised that I wear this hat an awful lot. I tend to grab a hat to wear on weekends to hide my messy hair. I'm not very skilled in the hair styling department, so plonking a fedora, beanie, cap or beret on top seems to be the easiest option. I really should learn to do something more interesting with my hair... in the meantime I might invest in another coloured hat!

Luckily for me, accessories weren't included in the Shop What You Got challenge, so I can rotate through my small collect of hats and continue to take the easy route and hide my lack lustre locks. Thank goodness!

Skirt: Op Shop*
Vest: Op Shop*
Hat: Op Shop
Sandals: Melissa*
Bangles: Op Shop (two large ones), hand made (thin orange one)

*items are part of my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe

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