Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Cull

Here I am begging for Autumn and what do we get? Humid days and overcast skies…. Not quite what I had in mind and definitely not ideal for outfit photos. Luckily it was actually cool enough the other day to wear a cardigan! And not just in my air conditioned bedroom, but actually outside in the world! I was stoked, obviously, and have forgiven the weatherman for the grey clouds. 

I’ve been madly sorting through all of my clothes for the impending garage sale (it’s today, RIGHT NOW, you should come!) but it’s a little difficult to cull my winter clothes. I haven’t worn them for so long I have kind of forgotten what I get lots of use out of what I don’t. So I’m reluctant to get rid of anything at all. I know I need to though. No human needs 75 jackets. 

I’m still deciding whether this cardigan is going to make the cut. I wore it the other day with one of my favourite vintage dresses to see if I still like it. I really love the colour, a nice crisp white cardigan is very useful, but I can’t help thinking that the shape of the neckline isn’t that flattering and maybe I should keep looking for a better one?

I think I might just put this cardigan out for sale and let the garage sale gods decide for me. Not the dress though, this baby is staying firmly in my closet for the foreseeable future!

Dress: Op Shop

Cardigan: Op Shop

Brooch: Op Shop

Shoes: ASOS

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