Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cocktails Anyone?

Last night I threw a little cocktail party to celebrate my birthday, it was also a bit of a house warming too as it was the first time most of my friends had visited our new place. I love throwing parties, so I had lots of fun preparing the food and decorations, but the main focus of the night was the cocktails.

I asked all of my guests to bring a different bottle of spirits (I allocated everyone something so we didn't end up with 7 bottles of peach schnapps). I bought all the mixers and garnishes, including many mini umbrellas and novelty swizzle sticks. Then everyone was left to their own devices to create custom cocktails or just stick to traditional recipes. 

I 'invented' the most delicious drink which I think will be my signature cocktail from now on, everyone needs a signature cocktail! It was one part gin, one part rosemary syrup, half part lemon juice in a chilled martini glass and garnished with rosemary... SO GOOD! Seriously, who knew rosemary would be so amazing in a cocktail? (my friend Caitlin did, she's the one who told me to make rosemary syrup).

Anyway, on to the outfit... I specifically wanted everyone to dress in cocktail attire and I was quite impressed with the effort everyone put in. It's interesting how the lure cocktails can convince even the most casual of people (ahem, boyfriend) to don a shirt and scrub up a bit. I wore this vintage Laura Ashley dress I bought in a Seattle op shop for $12. It has tulle in the under-skirt but I put my crinoline on as well to really accentuate the 1950's silhouette. 

My shoes are Scanlon & Theodore which I picked up at a consignment shop about 7 years ago. They are a classic style and such great quality. I love t-bar shoes they look so classy and work perfectly with this style of outfit. I'm also wearing my favourite black belt which I've featured on the blog about 30 times already.

Ok, blogging done, I'm going to nurse my gin hangover on the balcony in the sun, have a great Sunday!  

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