Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blue and Red? OK!

Carrying on from my post about the Wednesday blues, this week has been a struggle for me at work. It's a super busy time of year and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in a never ending assault of emails, phone calls and meetings. Everyone has days and weeks like that, last week was it for me. 

To perk myself up I snuck out during my lunch break to an op shop close to my work with the hope of finding a little pick me up. This jacket is what I found, $7 later and it was exactly what I needed to get through the rest of the afternoon. It's Simona, which is actually quite an expensive Australian brand according to the internet, but it looks like most of their clothes are geared towards 'ladies of a certain age'. Luckily I can work old lady style with the best of them!

This jacket is exactly the same shape and fit as my beloved denim jacket so I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. I love the huge blue flower pattern. When getting dressed on Friday I thought I'd wear my new jacket, and what better to go with a bright blue top then bright red lip stick and matching shoes of course! 

My printed pants are current season Country Road but I bought them at an Anglicare shop in Queensland for $5, my t-shirt is Portmans and my shoes are Rachel Antonoff. My watch and rings were gifts, I was going to write a little bit about my regular jewellery in this post, but I'll do it another time, it's my boyfriend's birthday today and I've got caramel cheesecake to make!

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