Saturday, 20 July 2013

Round Two

I'm back! Publishing my first blog post this morning was just TOO EXCITING! So here I am with more. This is what I wore to my friend’s baby shower last weekend. Floral maxi dress from an op-shop (It's a home made job and the seams keep splitting so I am constantly having to mend it), op-shopped belt, Anna Chandler headband and jelly sandals which unfortunately aren't in any of the pictures.  

This was my first baby shower invitation and it was awesome! I ate too many cupcakes and sausage rolls and drank too much placenta punch.... this is probably why the seams of my dress keep splitting. 

I was also very happy to get a chance to wear my new flower head band. It is made by Anna Chandler who is a wonderful West Australian designer with gorgeous colourful home wares, jewellery and other fantastic treasures. She has a shop near my work so I go there quite a bit to browse and get inspiration. I had been looking at this flower headband for weeks wondering if I could just make it myself. In the end I decided just to buy hers because it was only $25 and is so lovely. 

 I love wearing flowers in my hair, a lot of people think you need to save them for a special occasion, if at all, but I have quite a large collection of floral hair pins and head bands and I wear them all the time! They are particually good to disguise a bad hair situation (busted!).

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