Monday, 22 July 2013

Prickly Weather

I live in Western Australia and we are very lucky to have beautiful weather pretty much all year round. But this week has been FREEZING! Not literally freezing of course (this is Perth after all) but cold enough for me to go rummaging through my holiday gear to find my skiing thermals and gloves. That being said, the glacial weather this morning was totally worth it because I got to wear my cactus dress!

I bought this magnificent jumper dress about 7 years ago, it was my first ever eBay purchase, and I still absolutely love it. The only problem being that it is so warm and so cozy that it's only ever cold enough to wear it about 3 days of the year. Well today was one of those days! 

I think my favourite part are the bright red cactus flowers. Every time I wear it I always put on red lippy as well. I know 'fashion people' say you shouldn't match your lipstick to your dress/shoes/bag/whatever, but I do it all the time, I love a bit of matchy matchy! Also, because the rest of the dress is fairly neutral, it's nice to throw in some extra bright colours. 

I took this dress with me when I went to Europe in February, so I got a lot of use out of it then, but I was still so excited to wear it today. Teamed with extra thick stockings, red lipstick (Body Shop Brilliant Red if you are wondering) and my amazing patent Doc Martens, I survived one of Perth's coldest mornings this year.

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