Sunday, 28 July 2013


This is my 5th blog post now, so it's probably too early to tell, but I am very much a dress lover. I very rarely wear pants, I find them too uncomfortable and unflattering on my body. Luckily I live in Perth, where it is sunshine and 30 degrees for most of the year and wearing a dress every day is completely acceptable. When it does get a bit cooler I tend to just layer up my summer dresses with stockings, jackets and scarves. It has to be REALLY COLD for me to succumb to wearing jeans. 

I bought this dress a few years ago at an op shop on the Gold Coast. It is actually a vintage Katies dress (I have a weird amount of old Katies stuff). I really love the large floral print and the bright primary colours make it super easy to match accessories (hello red bag and yellow shoes). I've said before that I love to be matchy, I'll never be one of those effortlessly chic girls with perfectly mis-matched accessories that just seem to fit. Give me a red shoe and red lip any day!

This dress is actually a halter neck with a low back, so to keep warm I wore it with my black ballet wrap that I've had for a million years, it's from Flower. Underneath the skirt is my fantastic crinoline which I bought from a Salvos store a few months ago for $5, I am SO in love with this crinoline, it has completely re-invented all of my outfits, who doesn't love a puffy skirt?! 

The yellow shoes are from Zomp and I have had them for about 10 years. The red bag is my newest purchase, I bought it on Saturday at a Salvos store (the same one the crinoline came from!) for $4, bargain! Possibly my favourite part of this outfit is my flower brooch which I bought in Berlin. I have quite a collection of brooches and pins which I try to wear regularly, but I often forget. 

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