Thursday, 4 February 2016

Retro Kick

This is one of the last outfits I wore to my old job. Seriously lady-like with clashing prints and a retro kick. I love it! It’s funny, when I first started that job two years ago I was so concerned about adhering to the corporate dress code expected of me. But one thing (of the many things) I learnt while working there is that I bloody love a challenge, particularly a sartorial one! So trying to toe the line between being true to my own personal style (what ever that happened to be on the day) and not getting told off by the boss was actually such fun. In my two years I never got told off once for what I was wearing, which I’ll definitely chalk up to a win! 

I start my new job next week, which at the moment is an unknown entity in terms of outfit expectations, so I’ll have to ease into it with boring pencil skirts and blouses for the first few weeks while I suss out what my colleagues are wearing and start introducing some of my more fun outfit combos, crazy shoes and bold accessories. I can’t wait!

Dress: Bindaring Red Cross Sale $6
Cardigan: Vinnies Claremont $7
Shoes: Wittner, eBay
Brooch: Salvos South Fremantle $4
Sunglasses: Pared, eBay
Bag: Gift (thanks Evan and Sarah!!)


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