Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Spin the Pin September

I’ve decided to try my hand at another of iCurvy’s Spin thePin challenges. The Pinterest image for September is of Tash and Elle from They All Hate Us, dressed in their trademark style of ripped denim and expensive accessories. These two blogger- extraordinaires have a very specific style which I can certainly appreciate but it’s not usually a look I would wear. I mean I don’t have their long gorgeous legs, so wearing denim shorts for literally every occasion is just not for me. BUT Spin the Pin is all about putting your own spin on a look and taking some style inspo from Pinterest, so I'll give it a go! Here’s their image:

And here’s mine!

I went on a bit of an op shopping rampage last weekend and scooped up quite a few new things for summer, so obviously I was keen to wear some of my new-to-me gear. I thought I’d try my hand at double denim, wearing my new button down denim skirt and denim jacket. Elle and Tash are renowned for mixing relaxed denim with high end pieces, so I threw on my nautical Celine T (thrifted in Paris) plus my Goyard tote accessorised with a bandanna to complete the high-low outfit.

I really love how Tash (on the right) appears to be wearing a striped top layered over a lace top. That little bit of lace frill poking out the bottom is really cool. I don’t have anything like that in my wardrobe, so I couldn’t re-create it, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for something similar while I’m trawling through the op shops next.

I just love this outfit, I'll definitely be wearing it again soon!

Skirt: Salvos Bibra Lake $6
Jacket: Salvos Bibra Lake $2
T-shirt: Celine, thrift store in Paris
Bag: Goyard, Vinnies Claremont $4
Shoes: Urban Soul, Salvos O'Connor $10

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