Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Hey guys! GUESS WHAT?! Tomorrow is the first day of October (but you probably already knew that) which means it’s the first day of FROCKTOBER! The classic Frocktober Challenge is to wear a dress every day for the whole month. That’s 31 one days of dressy goodness, how fun! 

Frocktober raises money for Ovarian Cancer, which is an extremely good cause and one that needs all the money and awareness it can get. If wearing a dress every day this month is just too hard then you could try to wear a dress once a week, or even just one day during the month. I’m planning to wear a different frock for every work day, that’s 22 different dresses! Challenge accepted!

Luckily I’ve got quite a few dresses in my arsenal, so finding a frock for each day of my challenge will be fun not stressful. I’ve actually written down a list of the outfits I want to wear this month (because I’m a bit OCD like that!). These images are a bit of a walk down memory lane for my blog and also my wardrobe, it will be good to pull some of these out of the depths of my cupboards and give them some time in the sun! 

So are you going to accept the Frocktober Challenge? If you are (or if you aren’t!) you can find out more information here and more importantly you can donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation here.


  1. I'm with you! I'm going to commit to wear a dress every work day. I work three days a week plus we have a public holiday so it's only 12 for me . . . and I'll see what I can do about the rest!

    1. Oh good luck! As much as I love wearing dresses, it's a bit hard to commit to a whole month of it! xx