Friday, 16 January 2015

I Pledge...

One of my absolute favourite blogs is We So Thrifty, written by the hilariously funny Julie. Julie is a very-soon-to-be new mum so she hasn’t been posting as regularly as she used to (fair enough!). Over the Christmas break in desperation for a We So Thrifty fix I trawled through her blog archives and re-read a whole bunch of old posts (am I the only one who does this?). I came across Julie’s pledge from 2012 to quit the mall for a year and I thought ‘why the hell haven’t I done this?’. So I’m doing it, right now. Three years after Julie made her pledge, I’m making mine. 

I pledge to not buy anything new for a whole year.  


For me that means no Myer or DJs, Kmart or Sportsgirl, no after-Christmas sales or 50% off the already marked price, no ASOS, Nasty Gal or Urban Outfitters and no new designer sunnies for 12 months (God help me!). Any clothing/shoes/accessories I want or need to buy over the next year I can and will find second hand. Gumtree and op shops will be my best friends (they already are actually) and I won’t succumb to those quick impulse buys while at Garden City, because it’s those quick impulse buys that are made in China from crappy fabric and with poor craftsmanship and they fall apart in 2 washes. No thank you!

The only exception to this new rule will be underwear/hosiery (because, gross) and sports shoes because they are impossible to thrift, everything else will be second hand. But you know what? I don’t need anything more in my wardrobe, I honestly have everything I could possibly need. I’ve got boots (ankle, calf and thigh high), I’ve got gym gear, I’ve got jackets, coats and blazers, I’ve got bikinis and hats and I’ve got a dress for every single occasion that could ever possibly arise. So surviving a year without buying something new shouldn’t be too challenging and if I really need a fashion fix I can head to my local Vinnies/Salvos/Good Sammies and find something awesome for a 10th of the price I’d pay for it brand new.

This might all seem a bit rash, but I’m ready for this!!! (ask me in two months how I’m going and it might be a different story!), is anyone brave enough to join me?

T-shirt: Save the Children Mosman Park $4
Skirt: Op Shop
Shoes: Opportunity Knocks $3
Hat: Melville Markets $5
Sunglasses: Pared Eyeware


  1. Good luck! I'd love to try but I know I couldn't resist the lure of new retail bargains. Look forward to seeing how you go!

  2. Wow, good luck with this. Maybe I should give it ago

  3. I love your and Julie's blogs! When I recently decided to start my own blog I scoured over almost everything either of you had ever written to consider if I could do anything as equally amazing. I actually pledged to buy only second hand over four years ago. Since then I have only purchased a handful of new items, and most of those were work related or necessities that could not be found at a thrift store (winter boots in Canada are not something to skimp on). At first it can be difficult, but then it just becomes a way of life. I actually get overwhelmed when I go to a "real store" now (there are multiple sizes in everything and there a no buttons missing or questionable stains? Where's the fun in that?). You're going to do great!

    1. WOW thank you so much! I can't believe you have read through all my posts, I'm so chuffed!! I just had a look at your blog and it's so great, you write really well :) I'm looking forward to reading more xx H

  4. So excited to see your year progress, Hannah! You'll look as fabulous as ever I'm sure :)