Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bragging Time

It’s bragging time! I’ve finished all of my Christmas shopping… not only that but I’ve also wrapped all of my gifts and have them waiting patiently under the tree ready for the big day. I’m pretty pleased with myself! Last year I challenged myself to make at least half of my Christmas gifts... I failed miserably and ended up spending soooo much money on gifts for my loved ones because I left everything to the last moment and was just desperate to buy something (anything!!). So this year I was determined to achieve my goal and got organised nice and early. I’ve have been cleverly op-shopping, thrifting, crafting and trawling gum tree and ebay for the perfect presents.

It’s been a really enjoyable process and I’ve saved so much money (I spent just over $250 on gifts for 20 people!). I'm so excited for everyone to open their presents! I ended up making my own gift tags and buying all of the wrapping paper and ribbon on ebay, it was SO much cheaper and nicer than anything I could find in the shops, plus after getting lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole I knew I wanted my gift wrapping game to be perfect.

This is my 7th outfit of Christmas! This newly op shopped Kookai dress was perfect for lounging around the house and wrapping gifts on the weekend, when I went out for a last minute cider with my brother I just had to throw on a hat and denim vest to complete my festive Sunday sesh outfit.

Dress: Salvos South Lake $8
Bag: Good Sammies South Lake $6
Vest: Red Cross Mandurah $3
Hat: Op Shop
Shoes: Op Shop
Sunglasses: Karen Walker*

*I love these Karen Walker Intergalactic sunnies, but they are so hard to photograph! I have no idea why but I can just never get a nice picture wearing them, these pics where the best of a rather average bunch!

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