Monday, 30 September 2013

In The House

I have been wanting to put some pictures of my new house up on the blog for a while, but it has taken us some time to properly settle in and I didn't want to rush anything. Today is a public holiday in my city (hooray!) and I have spent the day cleaning and doing bits and pieces around the house, so I figured now was a better time then most to show off a little bit of my home.

We were pretty lucky when we moved in with another couple that most of our furniture worked well together. I can get a bit excited with colours and patterns (more more more!), which isn't always great when it comes to decorating. My housemates have a cleaner more simplistic style, which forces me to show some restraint and keeps my over-decorating habit at bay (for the time being!). 

Most of our furniture is either op shopped, collected from the side of the road or gifted from family members. The chest which takes pride of place in our living room was picked up from a construction site by my brother, my boyfriend very cleverly sanded and varnished it and replaced the hinges. It's one of my favourite pieces in the house and so handy for storing extra blankets and pillows (and our vacuum cleaner)!

My white wardrobes are cheapys from Ikea, they have clear windows in the doors which is terrible because you could see all of my clothes jammed in there. This morning I used upholstery pins to attach yellow fabric on the insides of the doors, it took me all of 5 minutes and it looks so much better already. Now I just need to come up with an easy/cheap way to pretty up my plastic tubs and shoe boxes!

Our couch is covered in cushions, I love cushions! I am constantly making them out of tea towels and bits of vintage fabric I find op shopping. I firmly believe you can never have too many pillows, but I don't think it's a sentiment shared by the rest of the house hold because I keep finding cushions stashed behind the couch and in the coffee table chest. 

We have a spectacular view from the top of our house (it's three stories). At the moment our balcony isn't furnished (except for some broken camping chairs), hence no pictures. My boyfriend and I have grand plans that include a BBQ (him) and fairy lights (me), so when it's completed I'll put up some more pictures. But in the mean time I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my lovely abode.

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