Sunday, 29 September 2013

Around the World in 15 Outfits: Tip 3

 Gosh the weeks are going by so quickly! I was in Spotlight this morning and they had Christmas stuff every where! It's still September for goodness sake! I can't quite believe that Christmas is just around the corner. I really wish the weather would catch up, I'm sick of rainy days already, bring on the sunshine please!

Today is the 3rd Sunday in my Around the World in 15 Outfits project (which means there is only 12 weekend's until Christmas!), so I bring you tip number 3: Buy Statement Pieces. When I am op shopping in and around my home town, I love coming across good quality basics. A black pencil skirt, a nice cotton dress, a plain blouse. Things that are fairly unremarkable on their own but you can wear in so many different ways when you add another item of clothing or some great accessories. When op shopping overseas, I totally skip over the basic stuff. I treat my international op shopped treasures as my souvenirs, so I need something to be memorable if it is going to take up precious suit case space.

I found this fringed sheep skin vest in a vintage store in San Fransisco. I saw it as soon as I walked in and literally ran across the shop to get to it. It is such a perfect souvenir from SF. I will always remember where I bought this amazing piece of clothing and every time someone compliments me on it (which they often do because it's so freakin amazing) I'll be one of those annoying people who says 'oh thanks, I picked it up in San Fransisco'. As much as a black pencil skirt is more practical and definitely more versatile then a fringed sheep skin vest, only one made it in to my suitcase and practicality didn't come in to the equation.

Everything I'm wearing today is op-shopped, except my shoes which are from Hobbs. My stripey dress is super comfy, I bought it a few months ago (and wore it here), my little silk t-shirt is Reiss (I wish I had ironed it today!). My hat was $18 from Save the Children, a bit pricey for me, but it's such lovely quality and I wear it all the time (and it fits my gigantic man sized head).

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