Sunday, 15 September 2013

Around the World In 15 Outfits

I'm back! Sorry about the extended blog break, my week just got away with me! As you know I'm fairly new to this whole blogging game. I started back in July and was lucky enough to have the Perth Fashion Festival Restyle Challenge to get me through August and keep me occupied while I tried to establish my blog. Now it's mid September I think it's time for a new 'challenge' so I'm starting a little feature called Around the World in 15 Outfits. 

I love to travel (as most 20 somethings do) and one of my favourite things to do while I am on holidays is to go vintage shopping. Instead of buying crappy Eiffel tower statues and I heart NY emblazoned coffee cups, I buy vintage. I love bringing home thrifted treasures from overseas as my souvenirs. So over the next 15 weekends (that will take us to the end of the year) I am going to show you my favourite international finds and share a few of my tips and tricks for buying vintage overseas.

This outfit I am wearing today actually includes two European finds. I'm wearing leather shorts from an op shop in Berlin, pink jumper from RSPCA Palmyra, vintage Jaeger blazer from Prague and black flat-forms from Good Sammies. My blazer is what I want to tell you about today.

I was in Prague in February this year and unfortunately my lovely boyfriend and travel companion got pneumonia while we were there. So while he was bed ridden I was determined to find some vintage shops, I was convinced that Prague would have the best European op shops and I wasn't going to be deterred. According to Google there was one 3 kilometres from our accommodation, so I left the boyfriend sniffling in bed, donned my warmest clothes and walked 3kms in the snow to an op shop in the suburbs of Prague. It was terrible. The shop was filled with the Czech equivalent of early 2000s Kmart track suits and uninspiring t-shirts. I managed to pull this gorgeous Jaeger blazer out from a pile of polyester dental assistant uniforms and quickly purchased it for 3 euros. 

Moral of the story and my first international op shopping tip... don't bother in Prague. Well maybe I just had a bad experience, but I would definitely say do your research before you go trekking off through the snow to a shop in the middle of Czech suburbia.

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