Friday, 4 October 2013

Primary (Colour) School

I was having a look back at some of my posts and noticed that I wear ALOT of red and blue (some examples here, here and here). It's an unusual colour combination really. Wearing red and blue is difficult to do, if you wear block colours then you can look like an American dressed up on 4th of July (or a Parisian on Bastille day?), and if you wear pattern then the whole look can be very over whelming.

Clearly I have gone down the pattern route (don't I always?!) with this outfit. I guess because the patterns are fairly clean and both include black and white, they work together nicely. The red stripe of my dress is as basic a pattern you can get and the flowers on my jacket are large and not overly detailed, so things don't get too busy. Plus both peices of clothing are a fairly basic shape, nothing too complicated here!

I really enjoy mixing bright colours that you wouldn't expect. As I've said, I'm not a person who wears/owns alot of black, so finding fun, interesting ways to wear my bright patterned clothes together is the aim of the game.  I wore this outfit on our Monday public holiday, I spent the day pottering around the house, cleaning, cooking and just relaxing. It was a great Monday!

This dress cost me $4 from an op shop in Alice Springs. It is so comfy and stretchy, but still looks fairly nice. It's also my go-to dress when I'm travelling because it can be scrunched in to a little ball and never needs to be ironed! My jacket is my newish Simona one that I got for $7 at Vinnies a few weeks ago. My jelly shoes are from Jelly Beans, I made my anchor brooch out of fimo and my red necklace (which unfortunately you can't see very well in any of these pictures) is from Lovisa.

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