Monday, 16 September 2013

Look, I'm Wearing Jeans!

I think the title of this post says it all. Look at me, I'm wearing jeans!! I'm a very committed dress wearer, I love dresses because they are so easy to wear and so easy to look good in. You only have to put on one piece of clothing to look awesome in a dress! I long ago gave up on wearing pants because I was just never comfortable in them and hence never felt I looked very good. But my attitude towards pants has now changed!

I was in the Claremont Vinnies a few weeks ago and was on the hunt for a denim skirt so I was searching through the denim racks fruitlessly for my perfect skirt (which I eventually found, hurrah!) when I came across two pairs of Acne jeans. I recognised the brand immediately and thought they looked about my size so I figured I had to try them on (I'm such a sucker for a recognisable designer label!)

Low and behold these jeans were amazing! They are high waisted and fit me perfectly. I have no idea why I didn't realise until now that I like high waisted pants, I've been in love with high waisted skirts for years! These jeans lift up my bum, define my waist and are just so good (plus high waist = no muffin top!). I'm seriously excited to have finally found a pair that I love to wear.

Long story short, I bought two pairs of Acne jeans for $7 each (the other pair is a darker denim). They are awesome, you can buy them online right now for $300! I'm wearing them with a little knit top I bought at Belmont Anglicare for $6 and my op shopped hat. My shoes are Burberry. I have literally worn this exact outfit out for breakfast for the past 3 Sunday's in a row, it's so comfy and cool! I'm excited to wear more of my little tops with my new jeans!

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