Sunday, 22 September 2013

Around the World in 15 Outfits - Tip 2

This is my second Around the World post! I have been trying to think of a handy hint to share with you about op shopping while on holiday, I have a few good ones, but I thought I''d start with the most obvious. Ask the locals! 

When you are travelling overseas you can generally find everything you want on the internet. Need a good restaurant, bar, shopping centre, tour group? Trip Advisor or one of the million other travel websites will be able to tell you where to go. But vintage shopping is a bit harder to find online. Normally the shops are independent or run by charities and volunteers. They usually don't have websites or even good signage, so the only way to find them is to accidental stumble across them while exploring or to ask one of the locals. 

When I was in Paris at the beginning of the year my cousin (who was living there at the time) and I went on an epic vintage shopping adventure in Le Marais. In each shop we went in to we asked the person at the counter where we should go next. This worked perfectly as many of French op shops were tucked away in back alleys and side streets and we would never have found them without recommendations and directions from a Parisian. 

This red and white spotty dress is one I picked up during that vintage shopping trek through Le Marias. I got it at a shop where you paid for everything based on it's weight! When you walk in to the store you get a basket which you fill with vintage treasures (serious treasure!) and then they weigh it at the counter and you pay per 100g! So exciting! 

My shoes are Carin Wester, I made the yellow flower brooch out of femo and the white one is from Berlin. Do you like my new Prada sunglasses? They were a birthday gift to myself! 

P.S I just noticed that this dress is missing a button! I will have to keep an eye out for one similar!

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