Monday, 9 September 2013

The Perfect Skirt

A week or so ago I wrote about my quest for the perfect denim skirt and that I had found said skirt and was completely thrilled... I lied. Well I didn't lie, I just didn't realise at the time that, that denim skirt wasn't THE perfect denim skirt. 

The one I wore and wrote about in my Denim Darling post (pictured below) was a skirt I purchased at the Salvos in Fremantle for $6, it had almost everything I was looking for so I snapped it up and rushed to tell you about it. But there were a few things that made it not quite right. First of all the buttons are fake, although it looks like it buttons up, it actually just has a seam and buttons attached to the front so you have to slip it on over your head. It also has an elastic waist band which makes the back sit a bit awkwardly. 

On Friday I had the day off work and went op shopping with my cousin in Belmont. In the Anglicare shop I found this amazing button up denim skirt on the 50% rack, it was full length so looked very dowdy, but I saw it's potential immediately. I bought it for $3 and hemmed it to the length I wanted. It is exactly what I was looking for (I was using Stella Mccartney spring 2010 as my skirt inspiration). 

My other denim skirt can go back to the Salvos now that I have replaced it with one I like more. That's the beauty of buying stuff from op shops, you have more freedom to try different styles, customise things and step outside your comfort zone when clothes only cost a couple of dollars.

It was incredible weather on Sunday afternoon, so I put on my new (old) skirt and this little green halter top which I op shopped last summer. My orange pineapple bracelet is actually a necklace, I bought it on Friday on my op shop trip to Belmont for $1. My bag cost $3 from Claremont Vinnies. My wedges are Carvela and my ring was a birthday present. This is such a summery outfit (it probably wasn't really warm enough to wear it yesterday), I can't wait for more long sunny Sunday afternoons.  

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