Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Blues

Wednesdays are the hardest day for me. That dreaded mid week slump always gets me down and the weekend still looks so far away! When my alarm went off this morning I lay in bed for a good 15 minutes trying to work out what I should wear that would help me tackle the day. This is what I came up with... fur, flowers and leopard print. If you're feeling uninspired then why not throw on everything that makes you happy all at once?

This dress is from a vintage store in Fremantle. I bought it for my little cousin's christening, I think it was about $40. I don't normally shop in vintage stores, they kind of defeat the purpose of second hand shopping for me. I love riffling through a Salvo's store to find some gem that only costs $6. Shopping in actual vintage shop is just like going to a department store, everything is pretty and everything costs a lot.

I know many vintage lovers don't mind dropping $100 on a gorgeous original 1960s dress, but not me. That being said, I do pop my head into vintage shops occasionally and usually walk out with something, because I just can't resist! I've worn this dress many many times so it was definitely worth the price tag (which wasn't even that expensive). The print is so colourful and I love the little frill on the collar. It is the perfect dress to wear on a Wednesday! 

To shield me from the wind (summer hasn't quite made it to Perth yet) I'm wearing my navy blue linen swing coat. I bought this coat for $5 from the Melville Markets and have worn it to death. Navy blue is an awesome alternative to black and it still goes with almost everything. The linen fabric is very light so it's an easy coat to wear in Perth where it never gets that cold. I added the fur collar myself, I found it in an op shop and just attached it with safety pins. The coat looks great without the fur as well. My leopard print flats are from seed and my watch was a gift. 

This outfit has a lot going on, but it is just what I needed today. I love that something so minor like what I'm wearing can have such a huge affect on my mood. Now I'm ready to tackle my day... but maybe I'll grab a coffee first. 

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