Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Shoes

I'm wearing new shoes today! These were another little birthday present to myself, I bought them online (Asos) and they arrived a few days ago. I'm pretty tall, about 175cm, so when I put on a pair of heels I generally tower above everyone. I can't wear high heels without standing out in a crowd, not that that is a problem, I love standing out, but sometimes a girl just wants to wear nice footwear and go incognito. 

For along time I was a heels or nothing kind of person, meaning I was either wearing 5 inch stilettos or wearing thongs and nothing in between. Since I have started working in an office I have bought a few pairs of ballet flats, but I really struggle to spend money on flat shoes because I find them SO boring. Why would you spend $100 on a pair of black ballet flats when you could spend $100 on a pair of flower print wedge booties? When it comes to shoes, practicality and logic flies out the window.

The good news is that I have recently discovered brogues! Brogues are awesome! They are a flat shoe that looks stylish and are exciting to wear. Perfect for me! This patent leather black and white pair are the 3rd I have bought. I have a patent red pair (seen here, here and here) and a spikey white pair (here and here). They are so versatile, work well in winter, summer and in between and they look so cute! I just ordered a brown leather pair with a stacked heel online (I think I might need to stop now). I wear a lot of monochrome and bright primary colours, so this black and white pair will fit into my closet well. Oh the outfit possibilities!

Today I wore my new brogues with a red shift dress, $2 from the Melville Markets (it was full length, I altered it to a mini), and a hounds tooth print cropped jacket (op shopped a million years ago). I'm also wearing my Felix brooch that Mum slipped into my Christmas stocking last year and my new Prada sunglasses.

It was another extremely windy day in my fair city so please excuse my pony tail flying everywhere in these pictures.

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