Friday, 30 September 2016

Back to Basics (and a wrap up!)

Woah who can believe it’s the end of September already? This month zipped past in the blink of an eye! Did you have fun with the Restyle prompts? I did, it was great to have a bit of a push to get back in to blogging. The big challenge for me wasn’t wearing op shopped clothes (because, hello, I do that every day anyway!) it was finding the time to take pictures. That’s really what has been holding me back with my blog over the recent months. I love putting together fun outfits and almost every day I feel great about my look and want to share it but I just don’t have the time to shoot outfit pics properly anymore. I’ve really felt the pressure to constantly find impressive locations and spend a long time on my makeup and hair, in order to stay relevant and keep up with other bloggers. Because I don’t have the time to do this I just stopped blogging, which isn’t what I want!

Bows and Spots

Metallic and Outerwear

After Dark and Black & White

Restyle was exactly the push I needed to let go of that worry. For Restyle I just snapped my outfits every day as I left the house or arrived home after work and it was surprisingly easy! I know you come to the blog because you’re interested in my outfits and are maybe (hopefully!) looking for a little style inspo. You don’t come here for the high quality images or amazing back drops or super production value, because let’s be honest, that’s never been my strength and there are other bloggers who do it a million times better than I ever could (oh hi Inspiring Wit!). So I’m going back to basics and doing what I started this blog to do… sharing my outfits and having a ramble about op shops and how great they are. If that’s the kind of blog you want to read then this is the place for you!

Geek Chic and Accessorise

Pleats and DIY

Florals and Print Clash

Stripes and Colour Block

Which was your favourite Restyle prompt? I think mine was Outerwear, I just can't get enough of that amazing coat! In the spirit of the challenge I’m taking a load of clothes down to my local op shop to donate. Freeing up a little space in my crammed wardrobe and making sure my old clothes get a fab new home! Thanks for following along! 


  1. If simplifying your process makes doing what you enjoy easier, then go for it! Your images are still fun and good quality even if you're not spending as much time on the prep. Love your restyle looks!

  2. I know what you mean, Hannah; I often feel like my photos aren't good enough or my projects exciting enough to blog about. But you're also right in that I don't care about the backdrop, I just wanna see the outfits! I think my favourite outfit is spots, because I love that pop of hot pink from the blazer and sunglasses! I was exactly inspired by this outfit and so today I'm wearing a combo of black and white spots with hot pink stockings, hair bow, and brooch. I also added a bright yellow cardigan because I don't own a blazer as awesome as yours. (and because I work in a library, where cardigans are practically mandatory!)

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