Friday, 29 January 2016

Buying Nothing New

I kind of stopped mentioning it in my blog posts, but a year ago I took a leaf out of Julie's book and pledged to Buy Nothing New for a whole year. I decided to challenge myself to avoid the fast fashion trap and only buy second hand clothing/shoes/accessories for a full 12 months. So how did I go? Well I think the fact that I didn’t even realise my year was up until two weeks after the date is a good indication that I did ok! I was already a keen second hand shopper before this challenge, but now I’m well and truly obsessed.

Over the past 12 months I only cracked twice, both times interestingly enough were to buy things I’d decided I desperately and urgently needed for a holiday (a bikini in March and a striped t-shirt in July). Aside from those two slips I stuck to my word and spent my year trawling op shops, markets, ebay and the odd consignment store for all my shopping needs. It was honestly so much fun and I didn’t miss Kmart/Sportsgirl/Country Road at all. The few times I did pop into those stores (mostly to torture myself) I did find things that I liked and if I wasn’t ‘buying nothing new’ I probably would have bought them, but I resisted, walked away and 5 minutes later I had totally forgotten about what ever item I had just reluctantly dragged myself away from.

So am I ever going to buy something new? Probably, but I don’t know if chain stores or department stores will ever be my first stop when looking for something. This year I've found outfits for weddings, dress up parties, office wear, work-out gear, beach cover ups and even some new swimmers all second hand. Why would I stop?? I love the thrill of the treasure hunt and knowing that it’s super unlikely anyone else will be wearing what I’m wearing. I also really like the feeling of shopping sustainably. The fast fashion hamster wheel is relentless and for a serious shop-a-holic like myself, I feel pretty good not to be contributing to that nonsense. Sure I buy a lot, but it’s second hand, the only people benefitting from my purchases are the op shop charities and the environment, which makes me feel ace!

I could rabbit on for ever about my love of second hand shopping (hey I made a blog specifically for that purpose!) but I’ll shut up now and leave you with this fully second hand look, which I’m totally in love with (and may or may not have worn 3 days in a row!)

Dress: Vinnies Claremont $7
Shoes: Good Sammies Subiaco $6
Bag: Vinnies Claremont $8
Sunnies: Salvos South Lakes $3
Necklaces: Assorted


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