Friday, 13 November 2015

Four Simple Goals

For the past few years I’ve been setting myself four goals every November to achieve by the end of the year. They are kind of like New Year’s resolutions, but with a definite deadline (which I need if I’m going to achieve anything!). You can read about my goals from 2014 and 2013, I was fairly successful with all of them so I’m excited to set myself some small challenges for this year as well. So here we go…

Work my way up to running 10km
Branch out and try to use different outfit photo locations
Complete a gallery wall in my new home
Sort, cull and sell my wardrobe

I think these are all pretty manageable. I’ve already started a running regime to build my way up to being able to run 10km again, although in light of my recent operation I might not reach my goal by January 1. I seriously need to push myself to use different photo-shoot locations, as much as I love those colourful walls I think people might be getting a bit bored of them! I’ve been slowly collecting art for our new home and seeing as we are moving in imminently (eek!!) I think a décor-related challenge is very appropriate. That last goal speaks for itself and is well over due!

You should set some easy goals too! If you do, make sure you share them in the comments or put a link to your blog post. Nothing makes you feel as productive as ticking off items on a list!

P.S Although I didn't officially set it as a goal last year, mastering the art of flat laying has definitely been something I've been pouring a lot of effort in to this year and I think it's starting to pay off! I'm no where near as good as flatlay genius Claire Mueller (find her on insta @capnmueller) but I'm pretty pleased with my attempts... what do you think?

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  1. If your ever wanting to sell one of your goyard totes I would buy or trade one of my current collection of handbags with you. I have a Via Spiga that would go nicely with your style black leather and gold metal hardware. Cheers, Ashley