Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Shop What You Got Wrap Up

I made it! Hurrah! The Shop What You Got challenge is over, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. Surviving with a wardrobe of 30 pieces for 30 days is definitely do-able, there were plenty of outfit combos I didn’t get time to try and many outfits I loved and could have easily worn again. Having only a small collection of clothes to choose from each day also made getting dressed for work so much quicker. Limited options is a blessing in disguise I guess.

All that being said the second half of challenge was really tough. I desperately missed my vast collection of clothes and I started getting sick of my mostly black and white capsule wardrobe. Strangely enough the things I missed most were my shoes, I included five pairs in my original 30 pieces, but I wanted more more more!

So in the last month I have blogged about 15 outfits all made up of the same 30 items. The only time I cheated in the whole 30 days was on Halloween, when I wore yellow pumps as part of my Minnie Mouse costume, pretty dam good I’d say! Overall I’ve learnt that if need be, I can survive quite stylishly with a small capsule wardrobe. BUT I’m much happier with lots of different options, so while I live in one place and have enough space, I’ll keep my large wardrobe thanks very much!

Do you want to try the Shop What You Got challenge?


  1. I honestly don't know if I could . . . I get antsy about wearing the same thing in a fortnight!

    1. hahaha yes I'm exactly the same as you Beth, by the end of the 30 days I was desperate to wear something different. It was a fun challenge, but I don't think I'll be culling my wardrobe down to 30 pieces any time soon xH