Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Everyday Vintage

I discovered this blog the other and have been reading through it's archives for the past week. I am in complete awe of people who dress in total vintage. Marianne from Esme and the Laneway is one of those people, she looks beautifully put together with perfect vintage curls and gorgeous make up all the time. Well, at least in all of her blog and instagram photos! Perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect make up, perfect clothes, all day every day. In a perfect world that's how I would dress, but it just takes so much time and effort! 

This week (after being inspired by Marianne) I have been wearing some of my more 40s and 50s style outfits and trying a bit harder with my hair and make up, and as much as I'm enjoying it (and I love to look polished) I'm not sure how long I will carry on.

As much as I totally adore vintage dresses and circle skirts and the like, I also love wearing modern things. What I enjoy most about getting dressed is being able to create an outfit that no one else has using my vintage and op shopped pieces from many different eras. I really admire people like Marianne, who are so committed to a particular vintage look, but I don't think it's for me (at least not every day!). 

On this day I was still feeling the 40's vibe and wore my grey spot dress, patent black belt and rolled my hair into a Gibson Tuck-esk style. I bought this dress for a few dollars at the Melville Markets a year or so ago, I love it's full skirt and the rounded neckline. It's been in-expertly taken up (not by me!) so I really need to fix the hem, but otherwise it's a beauty. My shoes are REALLY old, I borrowed them from my cousin about 10 years ago and never returned them (sorry El!), they are on their last legs now and I really need to buy another pair of red patent heels, they are so versatile (I'm serious!). 

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