Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Growing Up

It's interesting how a few small inconsequential things can make you feel really grown up all of a sudden. Recently I have noticed myself doing some very 'grown up' things. I've started ironing my clothes, I even bought a steamer after being burnt by the iron one to many times. When I bought wine glasses the other day, I didn't buy the cheapest ones, but the ones I liked the shape of best. Most notably, I have started really paying attention to the quality, not just the price, of the clothes and shoes that I buy. 

This shirt dress is a good example of something grown-up Hannah would buy. I've never really been that interested in shirt dresses, I need a bit more structure and shape in my clothes and I find they make me look boxy and large. That being said when I came across this blue and white spotty one in Vinnies last week, I couldn't resist that pattern, the fact that it was 100% cotton and made in Australia. Turns out this dress is awesome! It's beautifully made and fits perfectly. It will be a great one to wear at work as the temperatures creep up.

The dress cost me $8, so I'm still a sucker for cheap clothes, but I think I am slowly but surely edging away from big chain stores (good bye Sportsgirl, Forever New and Cotton On). I try to only buy things I am absolutely in love with and I don't really pay attention to trends, so I want my clothes to last more than one season. I'm sick of disposable fashion and things falling apart or looking crap after a couple of washes. This dress is such great quality and such lovely fabric that I'm certain it will stand the test of time.  

 It's hard to say good bye to chain stores forever, the lure of cheap easy clothes is so irresistible that I know I'll be back in Kmart sooner or later, but for now I'm going to try my hardest to focus on finding quality clothes over quantity. Luckily if you venture in to op shops you don't have to break the bank to wear good quality things.

My shoes are Rachel Antonoff brogues (obsessed with them!), white brooch is from Berlin and the yellow one is hand made by me. This growing up business has taken me quite by surprise, but I'm actually OK with it, good bye disfigured Cotton On t-shirts and hello skirts without creases and long stemmed wine glasses!

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