Monday, 7 October 2013

Around the World in 15 Outfits - Sizing

I have been roughly the same size since I was 15. I'm pretty lucky because I'm quite tall, so if I gain 5 kilos then it just gets distributed around my body and the only person who can tell I've put on weight is me. When op shopping I never really pay attention to the sizes, I tend to just look at the piece of clothing and decide whether I think it might fit before trying it on. All that being said, learning about international sizes is pretty important when shopping overseas.  

As I said, I've got a pretty good eye when it comes to knowing what will fit me and what won't, but if you are a slave to the little number on the tag then you should educate yourself about the sizing system of the country you are shopping in. American and European sizes can be very different to Aussie ones. I was feeling very chuffed about myself when I first went shopping in the US and fit in to a size 6, only to realise later that the sizes weren't the same as in Australia.

This lovely little Emanuel Ungaro top is a size 8. The tag is super confusing, because it says Paris and also Made in Italy, but I found it in a thrift store in Seattle ($8 bargain!!). I actually didn't even notice the size until I got it home, but if I had, I might have baulked at the single digit number on the tag. I don't think I will ever fit in an Australia size 8, but an American size 8 is equivalent to an Aussie 12 and that's more my kind of number!

This skirt is a relatively new one, I picked it up last week at the Salvos in Fremantle for $7. It's a size 10, which is also another good example of why you should just ignore the sizes on the tags and just buy what ever fits you best!

I was feeling very colourful when I put together this outfit, so I threw on some turquoise necklaces as well. The spikey one is from Diva and the other one is from the Eumundi markets in Queensland. My shoes are from Urban Outfitters, they are my favourite summer wedges, but they are sadly falling apart (that's what you get when you spend $30 on a pair of shoes). I will have to invest in a better quality version!

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