Saturday, 12 October 2013

Every Day Jewellery

Today I was feeling girly... can't you tell? Looking at these pictures I realise that I may have gone over board with the pink and the flowers and the braids, but I still think it's a great outfit, so who cares? As you may have noticed my wardrobe is fairly eclectic. Today I'm all roses and pink and braids, but yesterday I had squid dangling from my ears and tomorrow I might be decked out in my doc martens and leather jacket. I LOVE being able to create a new persona almost every single day! 

Of course there are always a few constants in my outfits, namely winged black eye liner and my every day jewellery. I wear the same two rings pretty much every day unless I'm playing volleyball or going to boxing classes. 

Both rings are fairly new additions, but I love them so much and I hate going a day without wearing them. I bought the pearl ring for myself at the beginning of the year after much indecision.Two of my close friends have pearl rings and I had been admiring them for ages and subtly (and then not so subtly) dropping hints to my boyfriend that I would REALLY love one too. I eventually got sick of waiting and I just bought one for myself. I'm so glad I did, you shouldn't have to wait for a boyfriend or husband to give you beautiful jewellery if you really want it. Every time I look at my pearl ring I feel a little bit empowered, I'm lucky that I'm in a situation where I can buy myself nice things every so often (note to Boyfriend, you can still buy me nice things!).  

The other ring was my Grandma's. She passed away at the start of the year. She lived in Seattle so my dad brought a few bits and pieces of jewellery back to Perth for my brother and I. I was very excited to be given this ring, I remember my Grandma wearing it all the time, she had it made in the 70's when she was living in Tom Price with my Grandpa, Dad and his brother. It's actually just iron ore and cubic zirconia, the ladies at the jeweller where I had it enlarged were very confused as to why I would get something so 'worthless' re-sized. My Grandma's name is engraved on the inside, so it's pretty special to me, plus I think it looks beautiful even if it is 'just' iron ore and cubic zirconia. 

My skirt is a flea market find for $3 and my top is vintage Sportscraft that I bought at Anglicare for $6, my sandals were $4 from the Portcare op shop in O'Connor.

P.S being a hand model is SO awkward!!

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