Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Around the World in 15 Outfits - Remember Where You Live

Shopping when you are on holidays is so exciting! You've saved up a bit of cash and you are ready to splash it about. When I'm shopping overseas I also get struck with the 'oh but who knows when I'll be in (insert fabulous city) again, I better just buy it' train of thought, which is very dangerous! So from that comes my next travel shopping tip... remember where you live.

When I was in Europe I found SO MANY amazing vintage coats. Faux fur, real fur, cashmere, wool, all the good stuff! They were all so beautiful and I loved them and I wanted to buy them all, but I had to constantly remind myself that I live in Perth and weather will never be cold enough to warrant more than one (or maybe two... OK three) faux fur coats. 

I bought this black 1960's coat in a vintage store in Amsterdam, it actually cost quite a bit (about 70 euros from memory). It's the only black coat I have and I love everything about it. Whenever I wear it I feel so glamourous and polished (which is how every coat should make you feel I think!). Even though the fabric is quite heavy, the cropped sleeves mean it is perfect for my home town temperatures. It was the only coat I bought while I was overseas, I had to exercise some serious restraint to stop myself buying several more gorgeous ones that I found along the way. 

It's so easy to get swept up in the style of the city you are visiting. In Prague I convinced myself I needed a fur hat because it was -10 degrees and everyone around me was wearing them, my boyfriend kindly (in hind sight) talked me out of it and I'm so glad he did (those things are expensive!). When I visited Bali in May I was desperate to stock up on loose flowy pants and kaftans because it was so humid and sticky. Luckily I didn't do that either because I cannot pull off yoga-chic style at all!

So that's my travel suggestion for today! Don't forget where you live! Don't buy a floor length cashmere coat if you live in a city that only gets below 10 degrees one day a year. (Or maybe do, a floor length cashmere coat sounds amazing!). 

My dress, belt and shoes are op shopped (check out my $10 Bally ballet flats!!), my bag is new Ted Baker and I'm not going to tell you how much it cost because I still feel guilty for buying it, but I love it so much! The flower necklace is a cheapy from Lovisa and the red beads are vintage bakelite taken from Mum.


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