Monday, 21 December 2015

(Gift) Wrap It Up

Something slightly different today, although I’m sure you can all relate to this scene…tucked up on the couch, wrapping gifts, drinking tea, surrounded by Christmas chaos. It’s pretty familiar right? Let me pre-empt this post by saying I may not have looked exactly like this while I was actually wrapping gifts, but I didn't think my ratty PJ pants were really blog-suitable. The novelty T-shirt on the other hand has definitely been getting a work out, with only one month of the year to wear it, I need to make the most!  

I LOVE beautifully wrapped gifts, but I definitely DO NOT have the Pinterest-worthy skills required, possibly because I generally do my wrapping while consuming a bottle of wine... I should get an A for effort though, because I certainly try my best! Last year I was super organised with my Christmas gifts and actually ordered a huge roll of striped gift wrap from eBay, along with a bunch of different red and white ribbons. It was a really cheap way to do it, although you do need to order the stuff about 6 weeks in advance. I still have heaps of left over paper, so I didn’t even need to buy anything extra this year (pat on the back for Past-Hannah!).

I decided that everything would be easier to wrap if was box shaped, so I went to my local bottelo and grabbed a bunch of different sized empty wine and beer cartons to put all my gifts in and then cover with festive wrapping. This might not be the best idea for gifts going to people you don’t know too well, but I know my family and friends will find my little wrapping hack ingenious! Plus my gifts look so much prettier when they aren’t misshapen lumps.

T-shirt: Vinnies Claremont $4
Kilt: Salvos Bibra Lake $6

P.S This is your first little peak into my new home! We’ve been in for four weeks now and I’m finally starting to feel settled. I’ve had so much fun decorating and will definitely share a ‘home tour’ in the New Year.

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  1. Love your wrapping! I got a similar roll from Ikea which I used as table runners when I hosted Xmas a few years ago, I had to set 4 tables for 30 people and I still have wrap left over! Great idea with the boxes I think I need to steal that for next year there are lots of odd shaped lumps under my tree at the moment :)
    Your home looks fabulous, love the bright colours and art xx