Friday, 18 December 2015

Boat Party Yeah

I love December for a ZILLION reasons, but sharing food and wine and gifts with friends and family is definitely the dominating factor. Last weekend I was lucky enough to get almost all of my favourite friends together in one place and do just that. We spent the day on a very luxurious boat on the river, swimming and laughing and generally revelling being in each other’s company. It was pure bliss.

One of the over whelming feelings I’ve been experiencing this year is guilt. I’ve packed my life full to the brim and find that I’m constantly busy which means I’m constantly having to say to ‘no’ and ‘sorry’ to people. I know my friends are the same, and with our varied careers, hobbies, families and partners, carving out time to spend with each other is a serious challenge. It just goes to show how much we must like each other that after 15 years or so we still make the effort week after week, month after month to see each other, support each other and just generally be around each other. I know how lucky I am to have these people in my life and December is an excellent time to remember that and reiterate it.

This is what I wore on the boat (if you didn’t already guess!). I was torn between a very nautical themed outfit, or a more Slim Aarons resort-chic look, I took the second option and felt suitably colourful and cheery for what was a very bright and bubbly day (literally, I may or may not have over indulged in the bubbles…).

Kaftan: St Lukes Op Shop Mosman Park $6
Shoes: Salvos Bibra Lake $6
Hat: Op shop
Sunglasses: Karen Walker, eBay
Bangles: Assorted home made and Dinosaur Designs 

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