Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Baby


In my family the lead up to Christmas is not only filled with super exciting festive events and activities, but also a few special birthday celebrations as well. It all makes December such a fun month and generally means an extra excuse to drink more champagne (like I need another one!). Yesterday was my mum’s birthday and though we were all flying home from Bali in the evening, we made sure to celebrate appropriately in the morning.

Even though this is technically one of my 12 Outfits of Christmas, I always make an extra effort to dress not-Christmassy for mum’s celebrations. It was actually kind of a relief to have a break from all the red and white to be honest! This is a new summer dress which I got for a steal from the Salvos, I DEFINITELY don’t need any new dresses, but this one was just so cute and I knew it would match my new summer sandals perfectly. (I also DEFINITELY don’t need any new sandals…oops). Actually this whole outfit is new and I rather love it!

New dress, new shoes, no red, white or green to be seen. This outfit ticks all the boxes for celebrating my beautiful mums special day!

Dress: Salvos South Fremantle $8
Shoes: Elizabeth and James, eBay
Hat: Salvos Bibra Lake $4
Bag: Save the Children O’Connor $5

P.S Only two sleeps til Christmas! EEKKKK! I’m actually so excited!!

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