Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Combat

Have you tackled your Christmas shopping yet? I’m going to be a TOTAL pain in the ass and tell you that I’ve completely finished mine. I’ve almost finished wrapping everything as well. Don’t you just hate me! I can’t stand being pushed and pulled through busy shopping centres, always fighting for a parking spot or a place in the check out line. Because of this I try to be as organised as I possibly can. I have an excel spreadsheet which I use to list who I need to buy for, what my budget is for each person and any gift ideas I come up with. I also thrift a lot of my presents, so I keep a record of what I’ve bought and put away throughout the year as well. That being said I didn’t manage to completely avoid the shops this year and did find myself fighting through Kmart along with everyone else in Perth (or so it seemed) on the first weekend of December.

I dressed for combat. Shopping combat that is. Comfy shoes and a cross body bag were essential, I needed free hands to be able to snatch and grab with the best of them. The rest is just a no-brainer, I’ve been wearing this combination of denim skirt and striped t-shirt every weekend for the past month I think. Because this is one of my official Outfits of Christmas, I went with my red and white stripe T, to keep it on-theme of course. 

Do you like my little red bandanna? It’s definitely THE blogger accessory of the season. I knew I’d eventually find one in an op shop, and my patience paid off because I got this one for 30 cents. Woohoo! As I mentioned in this post I’m really enjoying adding little scarves to my outfits. My thyroid scar is hardly noticeable, so covering it up with a scarf is unnecessary, but I like look of it anyway, so I’m going to keep doing it. 

Good luck braving the shops in the lead up to Christmas! I suggest taking a water bottle and snacks with you as well, and always write a list! If you have any other tips do let me know!

Skirt: Salvos Bibra Lake $5
Top: Good Sammies Fremantle $4
Shoes: Good Sammies Subiaco $6
Bag: Good Sammies Fremantle $1
Scarf: Save the Children Subiaco 30c
Sunglasses: Ray Ban