Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Mens Section

I went on a little op-shop crawl through Fremantle with my friend Val on Saturday morning. We wanted to scope out the new Anglicare shop which just re-opened its doors on Friday. I generally try to avoid the op shops in Freo because I always thought they were more expensive and over-shopped, but I was definitely wrong. Val and I both went home happy with a bag full of goodies scored from the Anglicare, Good Sammies and Salvos, all which are conveniently located within 100m of each other.

I wasn’t looking too hard for anything in particular and ended up in the Mens section where I completely lucked out. I found this great wool knit and a super awesome Ghost Busters t-shirt. It just goes to show that thoroughly looking through every section of an op shop really does pay off.

These vintage Celine monk shoes and plaid Ralph Lauren blazer were also found in the mens section of various op shops. I’ve got to remember not to just stay amongst the dresses and skirts at the Bindaring Red Cross sale. While everyone else is wreaking havoc in the Designer Boutique I’ll be trawling through the boys racks for novelty t-shirts and vintage knits. You should join me!


Skirt: Good Sammies Freo $1
Knit: Anglicare Freo $5
Jacket: Ralph Lauren, Op Shop
Shoes: Celine, Red Cross Willagee $20
Sunglasses: Pared Eyeware

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