Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Street Style Steal

Today’s Street Style steal is a combination of two images and ladies I love. Elisa Nalin and Margaret Zhang, both have pretty impeccable street style and neither shy away from bright colours, bold prints and interesting proportions. They are the definition of my style inspiration and I’ll no doubt attempt to recreate more of their street style looks in the future, but for today this is what I’m tackling:

Photo credit 1 & 2 

I adore the idea of a head to toe monochrome outfit, and what better colour then red?! Both ladies look completely effortless yet totally perfect, so I certainly had my work cut out for me with recreating this look. Instead of trying to find the exact same pieces I decided to just pull things I already had in my wardrobe and embody the general style of these outfits (rather than just be a copy cat!). My cupboards seem to be overflowing with patterns so I actually don’t have many block coloured items of clothing, luckily red is my favourite colour so I managed to scrape together this outfit without having to head to the op shop.

I'm going to take this outfit down south with me this weekend, at least I won't get lost amongst the long-weekend crowds when wine tasting! What do you think? Is head to toe colour something you would try?

Skirt: Op Shop $10
Jumper: Good Sammies Freo $7
Boots: Random boutique in Melbourne (I know that's not helpful at all!)
Bag: Amorosa Accessories c/o
Sunglasses: Karen Walker via eBay


  1. This looks rad! I also struggle with block colour availability in my wardrobe . . . and if I do have anything not patterned, it's black!

    1. hahaha yeh I know the feeling! I didn't even realise my wardrobe lacked block colours until I tried to put together this outfit. Nothing wrong with an abundance of pattern though! xx