Thursday, 7 May 2015

Street Style Steal

I have a new Street Style Steal for you! It’s been awhile and I have a few more in the pipeline but I’m just finding it really hard to take outfit pictures at the moment, there just aren’t any good photo op spots near my parents house. It’s the worst! Anyway, on to the street style snap I’m recreating…

This look is waaaaay out of my comfort zone. Number one; it’s androgynous, with hardly any shape or body definition at all. Number two; it’s all black! This is totally a departure from my usual style, but it was fun to try out for a day. Just from looking at the above picture you can tell this is an easy to wear no-fuss outfit, but seriously I don’t think I have ever been this comfy while sitting at my work desk.

As it wasn’t casual Friday I couldn’t wear sneakers to work (plus I don’t have any white ones) so I subbed in my white studded brogues instead which worked very well. I also couldn’t walk out the door without breaking up the fully black outfit in some small way, so I threw on this long silver tassel necklace which I think has worked wonders to add a little interest to a totally blank canvas.

At work no one blinked an eye lid at my outfit (little did they know I was basically wearing glorified PJs) and I managed to feel professional, put together and completely comfortable. Would I repeat this outfit? Definitely. Maybe not every week, but every now and again when I just can’t be effed getting dressed, this will be my go-to comfort outfit.

Jacket: Salvos Fremantle $10
Pants: Laura Ashley
T-Shirt: K-Mart
Necklace: Vinnies Osborne Park $3
Shoes: Asos

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