Friday, 1 May 2015

The Comfort Zone

On Wednesday I wore a crappy outfit to work. It’s happens to the best of us. I slept late so didn’t have time to assess my look before racing out the door, it was only as I arrived at the office that I realised my outfit was not particularly great. Anyway, to counteract a whole day of feeling a bit awkward, on Thursday I wore a definite ‘comfort zone’ outfit, guaranteed to make you feel good.

Everyone has a comfort zone outfit, for a lot of people it would involves jeans or a little black dress, mine always includes a dress, a brooch and a waist cinching belt. It’s fun to try out different styles (like my ill-fated high waisted pin stripe trousers from Wednesday) but having a fail-safe outfit formula to fall back on is important. 

What is your comfort-zone outfit?

Dress: Zara
Cardigan: Save the Children South Freo $4
Shoes: Vinnies Claremont $8 (they are vintage Bally!)
Belt: Op shop
Brooch: Op Shop
Sunglasses: Miu Miu, via ebay

Have you put the 16th of May in your diary yet? It’s the date of the Bindaring Red Cross sale and it’s DEFINITELY worth a look in. In my last post I talked about tips for scoring designer gold on eBay, but at the Bindaring sale there will be an entire section dedicated to high quality second hand designer goodies. I’ve been following #WillYouBeMine on insta and have had a sneak peak of the sale stock and it looks amazzzzzing (think Prada, Kenzo, Isabel Marant, Valentino and more). Can’t wait!


  1. Talking about the Red Cross, I popped into the Freo Red Cross shop and found some really cool outfits.

    1. Oh really?? The Freo Red Cross store is great, it's so well curated that it's really easy to find an outfit if you don't have much time. Would love to see what you found! xx