Monday, 18 May 2015

Six Years

Last week my number one person and I had our six year anniversary. It baffles me to think we’ve been together for so long, I can vividly remember the first time we met… want to hear the story? (if not then just scroll to the end for my outfit credits, it’s OK I’ll understand..)

A girlfriend and I went on a grand tour of Asia when we graduated from Uni, shopping our way through Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. I was nursing a broken heart and was ready to down as many cocktails as possible to forget about my uni boyfriend. Luke and a few mates were on a boys trip to Thailand and we met in the Bangkok airport, both on our way to Phuket. A brief holiday romance ensued (much to the horror of my travel buddy who wasn’t so keen on Luke’s scruffy appearance). Luke’s a Queenslander so at the end of the trip he went back east and I went west. We vaguely kept in touch via Myspace (as you did in 2007) and about 18 months after our first meeting we both found ourselves living in Alice Springs of all places and promptly fell in love. That was six years ago and we’ve been together ever since, traipsing from the Alice to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and finally back to Perth.

To celebrate another year together we went out for dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant in Fremantle. I dressed up… because why not huh? I was excited to give my leopard print coat its first outing. I had been searching for a leopard coat in op shops for years with no success. I’m very picky with my leopard print, it has to be the perfect combination of brown and black and the spots need to be irregular but with the right shape… so it was near impossible to find one I liked. I finally gave up my op shop quest and purchased this vintage beauty on eBay and I’m SO happy with it. Hooray for a new coat I definitely didn’t need and hooray for six years with my lovely Luke!

Dress: Melville Markets $5
Coat: Vintage, via eBay
Shoes: Chloe, via eBay
Brooches: Op Shop
Bracelet: Save the Children Subiaco $1


  1. What a great story. Congrats on the anniversary!!