Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Ohmygodohmygodohmygod SANTA IS COMING! In years past my Christmas eve tradition has been to spend the day with my friends at the pub and the night with my family at church, then sleep over in my childhood bedroom and wake up (slightly hung over) with excitement at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. As much as I love waking up at my parents’ house, digging through my stocking with glee and sneaking peaks at the Christmas tree before mum and dad get up it’s time for a bit of a change.

This year the boyfriend and I are going to make our own Christmas Eve traditions and I couldn’t be more excited. Today we're cooking waffles and bacon and drinking champagne for breakfast, maybe we'll go for a swim at the beach (it’s bloody hot!) or find some where pretty to drink coffee, I'm just so excited to spend the day with my number one. After almost 6 years together it’s about time Luke and I made some of our own holiday traditions!

Church with the family tonight is non-negotiable though, so this is what I’ll be wearing in order to blend in with all the angels in the nativity play.

Happy Christmas Eve!

Dress: Camilla and Marc, Op Shop
Brooch: Gift
Shoes: Zara
Bracelets: Op Shop

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